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Other Ways to Help!

DIY Surgical Masks
Can you cut? Can you sew?
No matter what your skill level is, together we can create surgical masks through the use of various fabrics and basic stitching.
If you have any 3D printers, PLA filament, clear transparency sheets! Please email us at ppeforhealthcare@gmail.com to help out!
Have an idea?
Have a new way to help the nurses, doctors, and other frontline healthcare workers? Please let us know!

Our Ultimate Goal

Protect our Healthcare Workers

Make sure all the healthcare workers who are sacrificing their lives have the proper protection, and assist hospitals facing shortages in Personal Protective Equipment. Our primary goal at this moment of time is to ensure that at the least, the personal face protection would be a face shield.

We need ALL the help we can get. If you would like to help, please contact us!